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User Manual

[0]. Well, I got the source, how do I setup a server?

Go to look at the installation guide.

[1]. How do I put in my references?

You just login (well, you have register first) and click on New Reference. Fill out the form (the red stars indicates required fields) and submit. At the buttom of the form, you can fill in access control information to limit who can view this reference. By default, everyone can view it. Then you will be asked to categorize your reference. You can skip this stage by choosing nothing. But we highly recommend you to take a minute and categorize it -- it saves you time to locate it in the future!

[2]. How do I view references?

You do not need to login to view the references. But registration and login give you control on what you see. You can choose to see all users' or a group of users' postings or only the references you posted. It is especially useful when you use a public server. You can focus on your own references and opt out other people's. Just choose your preference when you register or click My Info after you login.

[3]. How do I make chances?

You can change your own postings. Just click on the title to bring up the detailed page for this reference. If you are the owner, you will see Categorize|Make Changes|Delete bar on top of the page. You can then proceed to change or delete this posting.

[4]. There are too many people using the public server. But I am only interested to manage my own references (or my group's references). What do I do?

You can change your preference "My Info" to only see your own postings or a group of people's posters. The public server will act like your own server this way.

[5]. What are the by time and by topic thing?

If you choose Reference by time, you see the references listed by the time they were posted. You can keep track of all the new references this way; If you choose Reference by topic, you will view references according to their categories. You can focus on your interested fields this way.

[6]. How do I add more categories?

If you run your own server, you can login as the admin name you specified in your web/admin/Bars/Top.jsp and the point the browser to web/admin/index.html. You can add new categories, change their orders, change the category names. If you want to add sub-categories to the "leaf" categories that already have references attached to them: You need to use the EXPAND function. It basically creates a new subcategory and associate all the references of the old category to the new one. You get to try to find out exactly what it does. You can always have the option to go back and delete any category.

If you are using a public server and you are not the administrator, you are out of luck. You have to email the admin to request changes to the category. If you are using my public server, email me to request changes.

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