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Install the software

System Requirements

[1]. First of all, you need to run Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.0 or above compatible servlet/JSP engine. I recommend Resin or Tomcat . If you use TomCat, you need version 3.1 for the relative path to work.

[2]. You also need a SQL database backend. I have used MySQL and it worked great.

[3]. You will need to put "lib/DBUtils.jar" in your JSP engine classpath.

[4]. If you want to use other databases, you need to modify the file: src/net/confidentialfiles/OpenReference/ and put the drivers in JSP engine classpath.


[1]. Setup a database and assign user priv;

[2]. Use scripts/InitDB.sql to setup the tables in the database; If you are upgrading from an older version of OpenReference, run the scripts/upgrade.sql on your database to upgrade your tables;

[3]. Edit src/net/confidentialfiles/OpenReference/ to reflect the database auth information;

[4]. Edit src/net/confidentialfiles/OpenReference/ to config the server; The default administrator name is "Administrator" but you can set it to be any name you want to. Whatever the name you choose, you need to register it when you first start the server, and then login as administrator and go to the admin page to setup the categories etc.

[5]. Change Makefile and src/net/confidentialfiles/OpenReference/Makefile to change system dependent compiler information; Basically you need to change "JAVA_HOME": the directory of the JDK you want to use and "OPENREF_HOME": the OpenReference installation directory;

[6]. Do "make", "make war" to make a OpenReference.war archive;

[7]. Deploy it on any Servlet 2.2 compatible engine!

[8]. After you registered the administrator, you might want to disable username self-registration so that only the administrator can add new users. You need to modify the "invitationOnly" variable in src/net/confidentialfiles/OpenReference/ and rebuild the JSP application to do that;

Tip: To change the banner ads at the bottom of each page, change web/user/Bars/Bottom.jsp or web/admin/Bars/Bottom.jsp

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