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Public Server

I setup a public server running OpenReference as a free service to the community. It offers some serious benefits:

[1]. Not everyone has the resource or skill/knowledge to setup a servlet/JSP web server. Everyone can still use this public server to manage their own research references.

[2]. Different people from different research fields will exchange useful research information on that system.

[3]. I will backup the data very often so you do not have to!

[4]. The public server will always run the up-to-date version of the software. It will always have the most advanced features and be a show-case for the software.

I know that the category structure on the public site is very primitive and you -- the user -- need to tell me what the categories should look like! If you have more questions regarding how to use the site, please refer to the user manual.

Guess it is hard to get people post anything useful. :) So the public server now only serves my notes to the world. :)

Go to the Public Reference Server

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